OmegaVia DHA 600

I am loving Omegavia so far. I have been aware of the benefits of DHA during pregnancy throughout my pregnancy and was taking a highly recommended Fish Oil that had much higher EPA than DHA. It wasn’t until my 6th or 7th month that I found your product and began taking it and have gathered a lot more information about EPA and DHA.**


OmegaVia DHA 600

The Best Prenatal Fish Oil Supplements Have LOTS Of DHA

Your growing baby needs LOTS of DHA for healthy brain and eye development. Here’s one of the best prenatal supplements for giving your baby this critical building block.

  • At 600 mg of DHA per pill is perfect for prenatal and breastfeeding supplementation
  • Meets the clinically-indicated “sweet spot” for excellent brain and cognitive health**
  • Helps maintain eye health as you age**
  • Purified with low-heat distillation for mercury, PCB’s and cholesterol
  • More manageable even with morning sickness or heartburn thanks to small, enteric-coated pills
  • Certified 5-Star and radiation-free by 3rd party tester IFOS
  • Now in the better-absorbed triglyceride (rTG) form
  • Made only with small fish like sardines and anchovies from Peru, Chile and the U.S.
  • ZERO Chinese sourced materials
  • Preserved with natural tocopherols and rosemary extract
  • Free of dairy, eggs, corn, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat/gluten, soy protein, sugar, GMO, yeast, artificial colors or flavors
  • Made with Kosher/Halal fish oil with a fish gelatin gelcap.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee, no return required!
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Ideal for

  • Baby icon Prenatal and breastfeeding
  • Eye icon Eye health
  • Brian icon Brain & Cognitive Support

The one word that comes to mind when I think of your product is “Clean”! Even my picky wife takes your OmegaVia Fish Oil, when she remembers or I remind her, and that’s saying something. Thank you for your product.**

Name Withheld Grass Lake, MI

Why The Best Prenatal Fish Oil Has More DHA . . . A Lot More

If you’re pregnant, all of a sudden the world becomes so much more complicated!

Inside of you, this new life is growing into a little person. And you want to give them every advantage possible.

We know how it feels – we’ve been there!

It’s the most exciting feeling in the world . . . and the most daunting. Every decision is HUGE. And when it comes to nutrition, every bite you take becomes even more consequential.

It’s easy to wrack yourself with guilt that you’re doing something wrong . . . or feel paralyzed by all the sometimes conflicting information out there.

Certainly pregnancy advice comes and goes. And there’s a lot of misinformation out there . . .

(Like, for example, the thoroughly unsound advice that pregnant women shouldn’t exercise – Glad that’s been cleared up!)

But one choice piece of prenatal advice is as clear as a bell, bolstered by a strong and growing body of evidence . . .

Your baby (and you) needs lots of the Omega-3 fatty acids. Even more specifically – a lot of the Omega-3 fatty acid, DHA.**

Why DHA Is So Important For Your Baby’s Brain (And Adult Brains, Too!)

DHA is part of every cell membrane. It is a critical ingredient for nerve, brain and eye development.

  • 97% of the Omega-3 fats in your brain are DHA
  • 93% of the Omega-3s in your retina are DHA.1

In fact, that’s why

  • Pre-clinical research and a growing number of exciting human case studies indicates adults can get targeted brain and retina support from using DHA as well.**2, 3

Going back to pregnancy . . . Omega-3s’ benefits seem to go beyond brain and eye health. Research indicates that Omega 3s may make a difference in

  • Maintaining a pregnancy for a full nine months**4
  • Having a healthy birthweight baby**5
  • One recent study even hints that getting lots of DHA during pregnancy can influence how much muscle your child has 5 years down the road!**6

But while the mainstream medical world finally now advocates DHA for healthy pregnancy, they still don’t recommend it enough. DHA may be in most prenatal supplements – but usually in paltry, token amounts.

This is even more of a problem in the third trimester and after birth.

  • In the last few months your baby’s need for DHA balloons.7
  • And during the first 90 days of life a newborn’s brain grows at an amazing rate of 1% per day.

As you can see, you need to have enough DHA in your diet to help your baby build a powerful brain, healthy retinas and more.**

That’s why we created OmegaVia DHA600.

We designed OmegaVia DHA600 after discovering how hard it is to find a good prenatal fish oil supplement. DHA600

  • Gives you and your baby plenty of DHA to support healthy brain and eye development**
  • Is relatively easy to manage even with morning sickness or heartburn thanks to the enteric coating, concentration and small pill size
  • Has been purified with low heat distillation for mercury, PCBs and cholesterol
  • Has a third-party certified 5-star rating and has been confirmed radiation-free by IFOS

Plus, if you’re taking it for targeted brain support as an adult

  • It hits the clinically-indicated “sweet spot” for helping your brain stay sharp and vibrant**

How Much DHA Do You Need During Pregnancy?

For a healthy pregnancy and healthy fetal development, the latest consensus is

  • Pregnant women should take at minimum 300-600 mg DHA per day during the first two trimesters.
  • This goes up to 900-1200 mg in the last trimester through breastfeeding.

But based on the research, that may be just a starting point. Several clinical trials show excellent outcomes for vision and brain development at 2000 plus mg per day.**8

In our families, we’ve used more than 1000 mg in the first two trimesters and doubled this for the third.

It depends somewhat on what your starting point is. You can tell how much you have from a simple Omega-3 index blood test that you can do at home. Most recommendations are that you get this index number up to 5%.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t skip this important prenatal nutrient. And certainly don’t stop it at the end of pregnancy either.

The good thing is, despite some rumors, there are no contraindications for taking lots of Omega-3s  . . .

Know The Facts: Prenatal DHA Supplements Do Not Put You At Risk For Excess Bleeding!!


Going back to bad pregnancy advice, you do not need to stop taking DHA at the end of your pregnancy. In fact that’s when you need it the most.

Despite the rumors, you are not putting yourself at risk for excess bleeding by taking fish oil supplements.

  • A 2017 review of 52 studies covering both healthy people and people going into surgery found no increased risk for clotting problems when taking fish oil supplements.**9

In fact, when researchers drilled down even deeper, they found something even more mind boggling . . . higher levels of fish oil might even help stop bleeding!!

  • In a study involving 1500 cardiac surgery patients, researchers gave the participants a whopping 6500 to 8000 mg of fish oil 2-5 days before surgery and 1700 mg on the day of surgery through to discharge.

Much to everyone’s surprise, researchers saw a significant decrease in how many blood transfusions these patients needed. In fact the patients with the highest Omega-3 levels needed the least amount of transfusions.**10

So the science is there to set your mind at ease: Fish oil – perhaps even as much as 8000 mg - will not put you at risk for excess bleeding. Of course, just to be clear, we don’t see any evidence pointing to taking more than 3000 mg per day in most cases.

Without dispute, if you’re pregnant, planning to be pregnant or breastfeeding, you want to get a lot of DHA in your diet. 

What If I Didn’t Get Enough DHA At The Start Of My Pregnancy?

If for some reason you didn’t get a good start with DHA – because you didn’t know about it . . . or assumed you got enough in your prenatal sup . . . or had intolerable morning sickness that made it hard to swallow a pill . . . or got flummoxed with all the choices . . .

Don’t sweat it.

Just start taking it now and in higher amounts to get your stores back on track.

The truth is the baby will get priority for your DHA intake and stores. So in many cases your baby may have been getting enough from what you had already. You just need to restore your supply and beef up on it for those last few months when the demand gets really big.

Also, in addition to getting extra DHA with a prenatal fish oil like this one, you still should take a fish oil supplement that combines EPA and DHA. You – mom – still need a lot of EPA for general use around the body.

Because of this, many women take OmegaVia DHA 600 prenatal fish oil in addition to their basic fish oil supplement. In order to boost the DHA levels up a little.

Two Things You Can Do To Magnify These Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills’ Power

This being said, there are two common threads we’ve seen in our happiest customer stories:

  1. They don’t just depend on the supplement alone. By making some specific dietary changes that magnify Omega 3s power in the body, they see better results. See the tab, “No Magic Pill” for a full explanation of how this works.
  2. They take the supplement consistently over the long-term. Omega 3s work by bringing the specific nutrients back into balance in your body. This takes time and consistency. That’s why our Autoship program is so popular (7 out of 10 of our customers use it). Autoship makes it easy to do this. See the “Save Big & Simplify” tab for more details.

When you put these two practices together with OmegaVia’s Ultra-Concentrated Fish Oil, you get beautiful results!

Use OmegaVia DHA 600 To Get The Prenatal Fish Oil Omega 3s You And Your Baby Needs

You now understand how important getting enough DHA is for you and your baby . . .

You also can see how easy it is to get enough with a DHA supplement like OmegaVia DHA600 . . .

Enough talk – try it out for yourself. With our 100% Money Back Guarantee (No returns required) there is no risk. And as you can see below, our Omega-3s pass muster with some of the toughest critics . . .

My doctor READ THE WEBSITE THOROUGHLY and agreed that OmegaVia was THE BEST CHOICE! I have since heard that he is recommending OmegaVia! Thank you, OmegaVia!**

Marlene Sabba Farmingville, NY

A friend recommended I try OmegaVia Fish Oil and I am so glad I did. It is such a pure high quality product. It is exciting when I see it has arrived! OmegaVia has excellent customer service as well. Thank you OmegaVia!**

MP Monmouth County, NJ

See for yourself how easy, healthy and cost-effective this prenatal DHA supplement can be. It comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (no returns necessary).

Buy some right here:

Get The Most Out Of Your Omega-3 Supplement

Over 31,000 studies prove without a doubt that Omega-3s make a huge difference when it comes to your heart, your joints, brain, mood, skin, pregnancy and more.*

Thousands of our happy customers confirm this to be true.

But a bunch of pills – even OmegaVia’s carefully formulated ones – won’t work miracles for your health on their own.

This is something we emphasize over and over again.

Because we want you to see RESULTS!

We don’t want you to buy a bunch of fish oil pills from us. And then be frustrated that you’re not seeing the changes you were hoping for.

To see the full power of Omega-3 supplementation, most people need to make some changes in their diet. Here’s why:

Omega-3s work because they balance out the surplus of Omega-6 fatty acids most of us get through our diet.

This may seem a little complicated. But it’s important that you get this so you can really get the most out of your fish oil supplement.

See, Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids are both important for health. But they compete with each other in your body.

They can’t do much in your body unless they can “plug in” to special receptors or chemical reactions. And they compete for these “plug-in” spots.

Think of it like musical chairs … If you have too much Omega-6s in your diet, they take all the seats. The Omega-3s are kicked out of the game. So your body can’t fully benefit from the Omega-3s.

Most of us get about 20 Omega-6 fatty acids to every 1 omega-3 fatty acid in our diet. You can see why the Omega-6s get all the spots … And the Omega-3s can barely get a toe in!

As a result, your hormones, your immune system, your nervous system, your brain … your entire body gets thrown out of whack.*

For optimal health, you need the make the game more even. With closer to the same amount of Omega-3s and Omega-6s.

When you supplement with concentrated Omega-3s like OmegaVia, you start to bring these two fats back into balance. And your whole body gets back in gear.

But it’s incredibly hard to restore this balance of omega fatty acids without cutting down on the Omega-6 fatty acids you’re getting in your diet.

How Do You Change Your Diet So These Omega-3s Work Better?

  • Cut down on the Omega-6s: Cut out corn and soy bean oil – the biggest sources of Omega-6 fatty acids. You can replace them with olive oil, butter and coconut oil which don’t have much - if any - Omega-6 fatty acids in them.
  • Beef up on more Omega-3s from wild-caught seafood as well as meat, eggs and dairy from grassfed animals.
  • If triglycerides are a main concern of yours, we also suggest you reduce sugars and starches. Your body turns these into triglycerides, boosting your numbers.

These tactics are so critical – we cannot underscore them enough.

Neglecting this part of the strategy for using Omega-3s for health is almost a guarantee for less-than-exciting results. This has been borne out by research in a number of studies.

In contrast, when you start to bring the balance back, something else happens …

You start to see the big, beautiful changes you were hoping for!

Of course all of us have different metabolisms, different genetics and certainly different diets.

But for most of the people who buy our products, they’ve seen the best results when they’ve combined Omega-3 supplements with a change in diet and increase in exercise.

So go get started with a good Omega-3 supplement. And get the most out of it with a few dietary shifts!

It might sound fishy (had to say it) but this stuff is GREAT! Can’t tell you how much it has helped me, and I help my heart on top of it. Has dramatically assisted me with mood. Winning!! Oh, and there is NO fish odor, taste or burping! Might be a coincidence but I am feeling better than I was. I also have reduced sugar and a few other things in my diet. I know I feel better than I did.* Debra C. Monterrey, California
I have been taking your Omega-3 for a while. And I have been following a diet low in Omega-6. This combo has really helped. (My mother & aunt both have done the same) When I added a low carb diet into the mix, my joints felt great! The combination of Omega-3 and the diet you recommend is truly a miracle!* Chris Missouri

Save Big And Remove The Hassles With Autoship

Because these pills are so concentrated, you might see some exciting changes very quickly.  (Many of our customers do!)

But the longer and more consistently you keep at this – the more outstanding results you’ll see.

That’s Why 70% Of Our Customers Use Autoship

After witnessing such dramatic results in my wife’s case I have decided to take OmegaVia for my heart health and have recently placed an order to Autoship three bottles of OmegaVia every month…There is no question in my mind that OmegaVia has developed and maintains the highest quality product in the market.* Jack and Janice BagleyGranby, CT
After just 3 full weeks of taking 3 pills per day, my triglycerides are at 170! My doctor was so impressed! I’ll be getting on Auto-ship today! Thank you!!!* Debbie B
Autoship makes taking these supplements easy, effective and even more affordable!

No trying to remember to place an order … No missing days and feeling it …

Plus …

  • You get the lowest price
  • You save 10-30%, as much as $120 each year
  • FREE shipping!

And to make autoship even easier, we put it entirely in your control.

  • You can cancel at any time. Suspend an order, change an order. No hidden fees. No hassle. We’ve got an online control panel you can use at any hour and a diligent customer service team you can call. Heck, we even make changes when someone puts a comment on a blog post requesting a change!
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with 100% purchase price refund is still good – with no returns required.

We will do everything to make this simpler for you.

Sure, if you really want to buy just a bottle or two, you can do that. But most of our customers choose not to.

Because why spend an extra two bucks when you can still buy just one bottle under autoship and then cancel?

  • You still get all the Autoship savings
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with 100% product price refund is still good – with no returns required.

Then, if you love what our supplements do for you – which we hope you do – you’re all set on autopilot. No more action needed.

Our recommendation based on thousands of happy customers is simply this:

Get rid of the hassle and extra expense.

Get autoship.

Thank you for making your high concentrate EPA/DHA Omega 3 product. It’s comforting to know I am getting this dosage with just one pill a day. The autoship program makes it easy to keep an adequate supply.*KBV (Name withheld by request)Michigan

How to Pick an AutoShip Plan

  1. Click on the “Subscribe & Save button” at the top of the page
  2. Select how many bottles you want for each delivery.
  3. Click on how frequently you want delivery – Every 1, 2, 3 or 4 months.
  4. Click “Add to the cart”. You’ll automatically be sent to your shopping cart.

You’re all set.

We’ll send you follow-up instructions by email for how to set up your online Autoship control panel if you’d like to set that up.

Product Details


Ultra-concentrated Triglyceride (rTG) form DHA Omega-3 from sustainably-sourced Sardine, Anchovy, and Mackerel (from Peru, Chile, and Morocco), Kosher and Halal gelatin capsule, vegetable glycerin, purified water, plant-derived enteric coating (alginate, stearic acid) to reduce burps, mixed soy tocopherols (Vitamin E for freshness.) Concentrated and purified in Europe. Encapsulated, packaged, and tested in USA.

Does not contain

Soy protein allergens, GMO, Sugar, Starch, Gluten, Corn, Artificial Colors or Flavors, Artificial Preservatives, Dairy, Sodium, Yeast, Chinese Fish Oil.

Purified to remove cholesterol, mercury, and other environmental contaminants.

Kosher/Halal Status: this product has not been certified Kosher/Halal, however the gelatin used is Kosher/Halal.


Always take with a meal

Specific Health Conditions
  • For prenatal use: Take 1 capsule a day before pregnancy and during first trimester. Increase to 2 capsules for second and third trimesters.
  • For brain health: Take 1 to 2 capsules a day.
  • For eye health: Take 1 capsule a day.

Children over the age of 6 may take up to 2 capsules a day.

Maximum dosage: Do not take more than 6 per day.

Storage Instructions
  • Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place.
  • Refrigeration is not necessary.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Product may be refrigerated or frozen for long-term storage.
Allergy Information

If you are allergic to fish, you should not take OmegaVia DHA 600 or other fish oil supplements. Mixed natural tocopherols in this product is made from soy, however, it is free of all soy proteins and soy allergens.

Pregnancy and Nursing

If you are pregnant or nursing, please talk to your doctor about using Omega-3. Talk to your doctor if you are using blood thinners.

Frequently Asked Questions

View our frequently asked questions section of the site for questions about OmegaVia DHA 600 and our other products.


Fish Oil & Your Doctor
Please consult your doctor if you wish to take fish oil during pregnancy, nursing or while on any medication. Ask your doctor about Omega-3 supplements if you have a blood clotting disorder. If you are taking fish oil with prescription medication and your symptoms of illness disappear, do not discontinue taking the prescription medication without talking to your doctor first.

Fish Oil Side Effects and Safety
When taken as directed above, OmegaVia has no safety risks or serious side effects. Some people may notice occasional fishy burping. Burping usually goes away with regular use and can be minimized if softgels are enteric-coated and taken before meals. Keep out of reach of children.

Aspirin and Blood Thinners
When taken with aspirin or blood-thinners/anti-coagulants like Warfarin (Coumadin®), Omega-3 may increase risk of bleeding. OmegaVia should be taken with anti-coagulants only under the supervision of your doctor. Visit for an unbiased report on Omega-3 and fish oil by U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health.

*Individual results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Clinical research suggests the omega-3 dosage needed to help maintain healthy triglycerides is 2000-3000 mg per day when used as part of healthy diet and exercise.

**Individual results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Rachel M. (New York)
Easy to take

I got these to try (my kids take the omega kids and love them!!) Right off the bat, these are easy to take. They are not too large. I like them because they do not have any taste or leave you with a any aftertaste. There is not a smell to them either.

Angie K. (California)
OmegaVia DHA 600 so far so good!

Awesome generous company!

They go well beyond good customer service. Fantastic products!

Elizabeth C. (Georgia)
Love this company!

Thier products are so good that all our children love them. The children's gummies are the best we've had because they actually taste good and don't spray straight fish oil in your mouth when you bite into them.
I've recently started taking the Omegas for adults with DHA and they go down smooth with no aftertaste. Very happy with thia company!

Jennifer F. (Oregon)
Another great product!!

Absolutely loving another product from omegavia! OmegaVia DHA 600 is wonderful. So happy to have found a company that cares about their customers and delivers a fab product!

Robert M. (New York)
Simply The Best

DHA Omega is what your "Brain and Heart" needs. Most Omega Supplements are high in EPA which unfortunately cannot be converted to DHA in the body, however DHA can convert into EPA.
Do the research yourself. Also Omegavia doesn't give "Fish Oil Burps"

Olympia A.S. (California)
Great product

Thx for allowing me to try this great product. So far it’s good.

Irina S. (California)
Excellent fish oil supplement

This is the only fish oil supplement I can tolerate. Easy to swallow, no fishy burping, great value.

John M. (Iowa)
Great for brain health

I have been taking this product daily for about 2 years now for brain health.
This product is a great source of DHA, which is shown to readily pass the blood-brain barrier to repair neurons.

Deneen (New York)
Super important nutrients

This has a high enough dosage to be effective and is convenient to take.

Stephanie R. (Colorado)
Great Supplement

I have repurchased these supplements twice now. I love that they are tasteless and an easy way to get more dha. The pill is easy to swallow. I'm so glad I found this brand.

OmegaVia DHA 600